Managers have admin rights over one or multiple organizations or projects. They have access to administration perspectives and views under RosettaHub.

New registrants appear in the Registrations perspective, after registrants applications are processed they appear in the Users perspective. Users can have one or more associated Cloud Accounts which can be managed from the Cloud Accounts perspective.

Using the Organizations perspective managers can create a custom hierarchy within their root organization and assign management rights to members for sub-organizations.

Managers can create projects under an organization and assign users to manage or access the project from the Projects perspective.


  • Approve/discard new registrations

  • Trigger the creation of new active and monitored cloud accounts and grant them to new members


  • Add/remove rights to/from users

  • Restrict users to specific cloud services, regions, machines, clusters and databases instance types

Cloud Accounts

  • Access users' cloud accounts' budget consumption and cloud resources' allocation at any time

  • Lock or unlock individual cloud accounts

  • Adjust cloud accounts' budgets


  • Add/remove rights to/from organizations

  • Add/remove users to/from organizations

  • Assign/un-assign managers to/from organizations


  • Create/delete projects

  • Assign Managers

  • Access projects

All managers actions are accessible both interactively from the RosettaHub portal using perspectives or views and through the RosettaHub API or CLI for advanced use. Software Development Kits allowing programmatic management are provided in Python, Java, JavaScript, etc. Users can share their cloud artifacts using a simple sharing interface requiring only users logins, a group name or an organization name and selecting access rights: ie. no need to define complex policies or seek users cloud account IDs. Sharing a cloud storage, a virtual machine image or an IAM user becomes as easy as sharing a folder on Dropbox or a spreadsheet on Google Docs.