The RosettaHub Data Science Workbench

The RosettaHUB real-time collaborative workbench is a universal Integrated Development Environment for data scientists. The workbench makes it possible to interact in a stateful manner with hybrid engines gluing together in a single process Python, R, Scala/Spark, SQL clients, MATLAB, Mathematica, etc. and allowing those different environments to share their workspace and their variables in memory. The RosettaHUB engines and objects model break the silos between the data science environments and make it possible to use all of them simultaneously in a very effective and flexible manner.

A rapid data science application prototyping framework
The RosettaHUB interactive widgets and collaborative applications designer make it possible to very easily prototype and deploy dashboards and data science-centric interactive web applications. Users leverage a simplified reactive programming framework combined with the hybrid engines capabilities. Users are able to mix easily different languages and environments through macros reacting on variables, variables-bound graphic widgets and advanced data visualization components. The data science application's deployment to the web can be done with a single click.


Scientific web-based real-time collaborative spreadsheets
A scientific web-based collaborative spreadsheet makes it possible to interact with R/Python/Scala capabilities from within cells which includes variables import/export and variables mirroring to cells as well as the automatic mapping of any function in those environments to formulas invokable in cells. The web spreadsheet cells can also contain code and code execution results making it become a flexible real-time collaborative multi-language notebook in the browser.



Notebooks At Scale

The RosettaHUB IDE perspectives make it possible to serve to multiple users Vnc, RStudio and to enable them for real-time collaboration. Jupyter, Zeppelin, ParaView, Spark-notebook, Shiny Apps are also supported.


Excel as a front-end to data science in the cloud

An Excel add-in is provided and makes it possible to work with the full capabilities of RosettaHUB from within an Excel Spreadsheet. Excel becomes a front-end to clouds and a universal notebook for all the mainstream data science environments. Advanced real-time connectivity, cells mirroring to web spreadsheets, ranges to variables and variables to ranges conversion and the automatic generation of Excel Formulas based on Python, R, Scala functions are all part of the add-in. A Word add-in is also provided.