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The RosettaHub Supercloud is the outcome of over a decade of Research and Development and represents a new scale of automation and agility. It has supported more than 100 organizations and tens of thousands of users.


Simplify, automate and augment AWS, Azure, Gcp as well as private clouds and provide a tailored experience to everyone.


Harness all cloud and Edge capabilities without in-house cloud experts with the RosettaHub’s One-Stop-Shop cloud enablement platform.


RosettaHub transcends traditional cloud boundaries, offering a unified, secure, and intelligent platform. It’s a catalyst for innovation, enabling organizations to unlock new possibilities and drive digital transformation.

  • SaaS platform that solves the most acute challenges of cloud computing

  • Unifies, simplifies, automates and augments AWS, Azure, Gcp, OCI as well as private cloud

  • Provides harmonization, cost control and budget management, governance, security and compliance

  • Enables self-service application delivery, specialization of cloud users' experiences and effective harnessing of AI

  • Enables seamless sharing and collaboration